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Oral Consumption: please remember when using the product go SLOW and STEADY. Start with a half grain of rice size portion and place on a small piece of bread that can be folded over to cover the medicine taste. The oil can generally take up to an hour for you to start feeling the full effects. Wait to see how you feel, then repeat dosage as needed. Make a mental note on how many portions you’ve consumed for future usage; this will be your personal usage amount. Keep in mind when you’re using cannabis you will find that you are going to build up a tolerance so you may need to add more to your usage depending on how often it is used. *any fat will increase the effect of the cannabis*

Skin and Body Usage: clean the area of skin you want to apply oil to. Put the oil onto a wooden medical stick and then slowly spread the oil evenly over the skin. Cover with a band aid or bandage. Repeat this whole process every 3 days for about 1 month.

RSO skin usage.jpg

More than just an Edible...

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